Be Seen.
Be Known.
Be Understood.

Backup Talks is a safe space to share your full truth, experiences, and memories. To learn more click the link below.

Be Seen.
Be Known.
Be Understood.

Backup Talks is a safe space to share your full truth, experiences, and memories. To learn more click the link below.

memories fade.

We provide a space to record a chronological, lifelong backup of your memories, experiences, and unfiltered life journey.

Led by our seasoned story keepers, you will go through an immersive experience exploring the landscape of your unique history. Adventuree into the hidden treasures of you memory – capturing and archiving them for your future self and generations to come.


Your story could change a life.

By leaving behind our backups we share the unedited version of our reality without the fear of judgement. Fully knowing those that came before us opens the door for deeper understanding and connection resulting in greater awareness and greater acceptance.

A Safe Space to Remember, Reflect, & Renew

Humans have been passing down and sharing their wisdom, adventures, heartbreaks and triumphs since our earliest origins. This precious gift has been the driving force behind our development and advancement as a species and one of our most precious gifts we could give to those who followed in the ancient’s footsteps. It is directly responsible for how we learned and how we grew from those that came before us. With time and forgetfulness, the passing down of our personal histories became less and less relevant as we modernized and dreamt more of our futures over evaluating our pasts.

Through these closed-door and time capsule like conversations, we ensure that our most accurate truths survive the test of time. Through transparency, we give those to come the chance to benefit from the richness that was our raw unfiltered experience of life.

How It Works

The steps to creating your backup are simple. First we will discuss your goals, cover the packages and archiving process and then schedule your backup session.





We offer both virtual and in-person backups depending on your comfort and preference. There is also an ongoing subscription package to cover the phases of life in more depth. Each backup lasts 60 minutes and is automatically saved. Should you want to delete your backup, you have the option to do so at any time.


Virtual backups take place behind the comfort of your own computer and require only the scheduling of the preferred interviewer and session time. The backup is recorded via your webcam and is then logged and backed up for life.


In-Person backups are conducted at your requested location, most often in the comfort of your own home. The backup specialist will set up the recording equipment and after finishing, offload the recording and back it up for life.


Whether conducting a virtual or in-person backup, there are multiple subscription types available to you. Each additional session offers and opportunity to not only better recall hidden memories, but backup a more accurate reflection.

Learn More

If you have any questions concerning the process, please feel free to book a 15 minute discovery call to hear from one of our experience Backup Talk specialists about how this unique opportunity can change lives for generations.

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